Rok Zwycięzca Nominowani
2002 t.A.T.u
"Ja soszła s uma"
2003 No Angels
"Feelgood Lies"
2004 Britney Spears
2005 Gwen Stefani
"What Are You Waiting For"
2006 Fergie
“London Bridge”
2007 Doda
2008 Britney Spears
2009 Lady Gaga
2010 Lady Gaga feat Beyoncé
2011 Chris Brown feat. Justin Bieber
"Next 2 You"
2012 Scissor Sisters
"Let's Have a Kiki"
2013 P!nk
2014 Sia
2015 Taylor Swift feat. Kendrick Lamar
"Bad Blood"
2016 Nick Jonas feat. Tove Lo

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